Ok! I Admit It!

I’m into my second year of medicare, have been retired for a long time, have grandchildren, a big dog, a small apartment, a ten-year old truck and a helluva lot of life experiences to filter the lenses on my Canon. I have had many teachers: a career in education which allowed me to be taught by my students, that devastating disease which attacked my son when he was sixteen, a year-long sailboat trip with my daughter, my father’s life, my father’s death, too many homes around the country and not enough journeys to remote places and cultures. All of them teachers. Thousands of lessons taught. Some of them even learned and taken to heart. All of them life changing by some degree. I am grateful and shocked at the same time.

This stream of consciousness is written for my benefit and for those who know me. You see, it serves as an explanation of who I am and how I got here. As my mother slips more and more into forgetting what brought her to where she is, I realize the importance of writing your own story. No one can tell it like you can!

I am a father, a grandfather, a son, and a brother.

I am a teacher, a student and an observer.

I am a musician, a photographer and a traveler.

I am a Buddhist, an environmentalist, and an evolutionist.

I am Gay.

I’m not writing to impart wisdom or create¬†great inspirations for bumper stickers. I’m just writing. You¬†should do the same.


2 Comments on “Ok! I Admit It!

  1. Hmmm…are you sure you need me in October? This was lovely, thoughtful and pretty much perfect.


    • Hell yeah!!! We have a great adventure ahead of us! I can’t do this without you, girl!!! I am so into collaboration, you have no idea. We both will bring what we have to the table.


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