Take A Hike!

So, I had the privilege of hiking with a new friend out here in New Mexico. I needed the exercise, fresh air and time in the outdoors. Janet said to come join her and Rosie, her terrier on a hike in the east foothills of the Sandias. Janet is older than I, and I figured I’m in reasonably  good shape, so… piece of cake.

Holy crap!!! Her pace was lightning fast, I’m at high altitude (for a flat lander) and of course, there’s not a single step on level ground.  I did pretty well for the first mile, then I decided I “had” to get some photos of the wildflowers blooming. “I’ll catch up! (gasp for breath…) Go ahead!” Well, Janet and Rosie hiked on a bit, then very kindly waited for me. As we got relatively close to the top and time to turn around, my heart and lungs spoke to me in no uncertain tones. I called out again, in as cheerful a tone as I could muster, “Janet, I’ll wait for you here. Catch me on the way down“.  

So I hiked off trail up to a little promontory and sat my tired old ass down. Good move. It wasn’t long before I’d caught my breath, noticed the view and was inspired to spend some time meditating in all the quiet and magnificent beauty of this high desert: crystal clear air, cool breezes and vistas forever.  I focused on how lucky I am to have the opportunities I experience, the family I been given, and my chosen family, especially the ones that chosen me.  Getting away and having down time in the outdoors always allows me to slow down and gaze both outwardly and inwardly.  So many journeys have brought me here. Some have been severe tragedies, full of sadness and some have been difficult lessons.  By far though, most have been triumphs of love, determination, and support from so many.



I felt that I could sit up there for hours…but before I knew it, here came Janet and Rosie, trucking on down the mountain, having conquered the peak, to guide me back to the trailhead.  


The gift of both her company and of our time alone on this hike could not have been more perfect.

I am so blessed to add Janet to my chosen family and I feel so grateful to Kenny for introducing us.

Who? Kenny? Oh that’s another post.

Get Out of the House…

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