The World Is My Studio!



So… I often spend too much time wishing that I had a formal photography studio. You know…where I can leave all my stuff set up and not have to move all the furniture in my tiny living room to make way for a shoot. Wouldn’t I feel so much more professional with a white room, open space, a polished cement floor, 14 foot ceilings and a Keurig Espresso maker with which to impress my high paying clientele? Hell Yeah!!

But then…..I’d have to lock it up tight and worry about security and leases and insurance and….well… you get the idea!

And besides, it’s almost time to return to my world studios in Siem Reap and Monkol Borei, Cambodia. My studios that are nothing more than a place in the world and the equipment I can carry with me.

There are stories to be told there! This entry will be a run on,  no framework stream of consciousness  with revisions appearing whenever I get a chance.  I have set projects with shot lists and story boards.  I have marketing images to get, donor encouraging images, and a story about childhood. And that’s just for starters. I have new sites and sights to discover, guided by dear friends I’ve met over the last three journeys there.  And  then, there’re all the unplanned adventures that will surprise me…my favorites!

Time to Get Out Of The House!


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